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The Scheduler is a run as Windows Service. It may installed on any server which has access to the web service, but for the sake of simplicity it is recommended to be installed the same server as the Starfish Engine. The Scheduler reads in the jobs’ configured schedules and launches them at the appropriate times.

Installation Steps

1. Run StarfishSchedulerSetup.msi on the desired server.


2. Select the installation folder, and the default access.


3. Click next and complete installation.

4. It is recommended to update the default web service location. To do this, open the .config file in the install path (“C:\Program Files\Technology Advisors\Starfish Scheduler\StarfishScheduler.exe.config”) with a text editor.



Near the end of the file, change http://servername/StarfishEngine.asmx to the location of your new web service (http://server_name/StarfishEngine/StarfishService.asmx).

6. A number of other options may be changed through this config file.


For more information about the configuration settings, visit Scheduler Config Settings.