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This file is generally located at: ..\inetpub\wwwroot\StarfishEngine\

Setting Default Description
LogPath C:\Inetpub\WWWRoot\StarfishEngine\ Path to save log files in when LogToFile is enabled.
LogToFile False Boolean, Default False. If enabled, a log file (at the “High” level) with be created within the specified LogPath location.
CommandTimeout 3000 Length in seconds for SQL commands to execute
ProxyEnabled False Boolean, Default False. If enabled, Starfish ETL™ will use the specified Proxy server when validating it’s license.
ProxyURL URL for proxy server
ProxyPort 80 Port proxy server is running on
ProxyUseDefaultCredentials False Boolean, Default False. If enabled, default network credentials will be used.
ProxyUseSuppliedCredentials False Boolean, Default False. If enabled, the credentials specified below will be used.
ProxyCredentialsUsername Proxy username
ProxyCredentialsPassword Proxy password
ProxyCredentialsDomain Proxy user’s domain
RowThreadCount 1 The default number of threads to use when executing a Starfish ETL™ job.
UseParamQueries False Boolean, Default False. If enabled (default), Starfish ETL™ will build parameterized SQL queries. If disabled, queries will instead be sent as normal text. Useful for performance tweaking.
UseNoLock False Boolean, Default False. If enabled, Starfish will append the SQL “WITH(NOLOCK)” command to generated lookup statements. Useful for performance tweaking.
UseDatabaseXref False Setting this value to true will use a SQLite database to store XREF files instead of text documents. This has the added benefit of automatically updating value pairs instead of appending duplicates.
CountStatement COUNT(*) Default “COUNT(*)”. When doing lookups, Starfish ETL™ will perform a statement such as “SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE WHERE …” to determine if a record exists or not. Changing this value to something like “COUNT(1)” may help performance for some database systems.
HaultOnError False If any kind of error occurs, the entire job will be stopped.
LogErrorRowsToCSV True Creates the Exception CSV files when any errors occur, logging the entire row's data, the row # and error description.
DefaultLastRunDate 2000-01-01 When using the LastRunDate system variable, this is the initial date that will be used when the SetLastRunDate function has never been called for the particular job.
DateFormat yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss The date formatting used for the LastRunDate variable.
SaveLogDatabase False If True, the entire high logging level output will be saved to the engine.db SQLite database in the "log" table.
SQLColumnPreceding If your database driver needs special column name handling, you may supply the value to surround the field names with. Typically [] or "".
SQLColumnTrailing See above.
PrefetchRowCount True Specifies whether Starfish should figure out how many rows it needs to process before starting a job. If set to false, the progress indicator will not be know. However, for some systems it may take a long time to determine this record count so you may choose to disable it.
RetryRowOnErrorAttempts 0 Options: 1 or 0. Retry Rows when an error is encountered.
RetryRowOnErrorAttemptWaitMS 5000 Options: 1 or greater. The number of milliseconds to wait between retry attempts.
RetryRowReconnectAfter 0 Options: 0 or greater. Attempt reconnect after x number of failures.