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ACT! Premium Cloud: StarfishETL supports two-way integration.

ACT! On-Prem: Starfish does not have a native Act! connector. We have only ever migrated away from Act. In those cases, we read directly from the database. The Act! database can be confusing and it can be helpful to utilize the ACTDiag utility to audit an ACT database to help prepare for a data migration.


  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act for Windows
  2. Locate and run ActDiag.exe
  3. Click ok to accept the disclaimer
  4. Choose Database List from the Databases menu
  5. Right click on the name of the database to be audited and click on Database Reports
  6. Select two reports:
    1. Field List to CSV
    2. Fields Usage
  7. Note where the reports have been saved.
  8. These reports provide a full list of all the fields in the ACT database as well as a count of how much data is contained in each field.