Action Types

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The Action Type defines what type of operation will be performed. Variable-type actions create a User-defined variable for use through the Job.


Action Type Description
Variable/SQL Set a variable through the execution of a SQL SELECT statement run against the Destination database. Set the variable value equal to the first column of the first row returned by the statement.
Variable/VBScript Set a variable through the execution of a custom VBScript function. A shell function is provided called “ScriptedVariable”, the value of the variable will be what is returned out of the function.
Execute SQL Execute any kind of statement against the Destination database. Useful for calling DELETE or UPDATE statements before or after a job for cleanup purposes.
VBScript Procedure Execute any statements desired in a VBScript Sub. A shell sub called “VBScriptProcedure” is provided. Any kind of VBScript processing can be called here. Useful for before-job file manipulation, or any kind of pre- or post-processing.