Configuring the Origin

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The Origin is the data SOURCE that will be used in a Job. You can choose from SQL, XML, OLE DB, ODBC, or SOAP by selecting the corresponding tab. (As of version 1.0, only XML, OLE DB and ODBC are supported). For MS SQL database connections, use the OLE DB connection.

Example for OLE DB (MS SQL Server)

1. On the Origin tab, select the OLE DB tab.

2. To build the connection string, click the ellipses (…) next to the box.

3. Use the Data Link screen to create the connection. On the provider tab, select “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server” or “SQL Native Client”, depending on your version.

4. For Data Source, enter your SQL Server host/instance name. Configure your authentication settings, and select your source Database from the Initial Catalog dropdown, then click OK. The Connection String box should now be populated.

5. Enter a SELECT SQL statement to configure the entire recordset source of your connection. This will be all of the data that will be transformed or moved into your destination.

6. Click the Test Connection button. Results should read “Successful” and display the number of rows returned by your SQL SELECT statement.