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For new installations, when you first start Admin you will have to create a New “Project File” from the File->New menu. This will allow you to continue and create new jobs. Only one Bindings File may be active on the Starfish Engine server at a time, but each file may contain any number of Jobs and Stages.

Email Settings

When a job is run through the Scheduler, logs can be automatically emailed to an administrator. Use these fields to set the SMTP email server used transporting these messages.


Field Caption Description
SMTP Server Address SMTP server host address
SMTP Auth. Username If your SMTP server requires authentication, supply your username here
SMTP Auth. Password If your SMTP server requires authentication, supply your password here
SMTP Port Typical ports are 25, 465, or 587
From Address Who the notifications should be sent from
From Display Display name of the 'from' email address
SSL Enable SSL during the connection to the SMTP server, some servers require it

Email Notifications

Use the Email Notifications section of the General tab to choose what notifications should be sent when the selected JOB is run. These Email Notification settings are set on a per JOB basis, not for the whole file. The "Send" dropdown is new in v4.0. Starfish-email-notifications.png