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MediaWiki documentation covers the whole of an extremely complex and powerful Web application, namely the one that runs Wikipedia and most other widely-used encyclopedic websites. While this wiki doesn't restrict the use of any core component or feature of MediaWiki, we care more about a few features than most of the others available to you while creating and editing pages. Here we will attempt to document those.

  • First, wiki link syntax. To add an internal link, simply put two sets of brackets around the desired title of the page (it may or may not exist, but presumably you'll know whether it does). Like so:
    [[A Wiki Page]] can be reached by clicking a link.

To rename the link or to link to a page whose title doesn't match the text, separate the page title from the displayed link text with a pipe ("|" character):

    [[A Wiki Page|The text that displays]] need not match the title of the page to which it links.

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