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Connector Setup

I used this guide,, to setup an API Role, User and Service and then get the Client ID and Client Secret for that Service.


The CData website has a help page for the Marketo Connector: The SQL examples are helpful.

I've found that I can use some fields in a where clause quickly and others are extremely slow. Id runs in a few seconds.

SELECT * FROM Leads WHERE Id = '104'

Sugarcrm_id runs in 283 seconds.

SELECT * FROM Leads WHERE Sugarcrm_id = 'b7e70c80-20cd-9209-24bf-57ae4b05b711'

The same is true for using some fields in ORDER BY. This is because the Marketo API doesn't actually support some fields in these operations so the CData connector downloads all of the data and does the WHERE or ORDER BY locally, thus taking a very long time. See:


Multi-select Dropdown

The format seems to be a semicolon seperated list: "Cloud Storage;Backup / Disaster Recovery;Colocation".

Importing Unsubscribed Contacts

If you want to import unsubscribed Contacts, then you have to import the contact and then import an opt-out list from Excel:

  1. Import the Unsubscribed records from Origin into Hubspot.
  2. Export a list of unsubscribed email addresses from Origin to Excel.
  3. Import the Excel file into HubSpot.

Contacts can be re-opted in in a number of ways: