Microsoft Exchange Server

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Exchange Origin

  • Mailboxes
    • This is used if you want to read from another mailbox other than your own. You enter here a comma-seperated list of mailboxes to read from. If this feature is not being used it can be left blank. You must be granted Read permissions by the other users for this to work correctly.
  • Query String
    • The Query String accepts a date, and is only used to filter for records greater than or equal to the date you supply. So just put a date in there “1/1/2017” and it should just bring back messages newer than that.

Sample Origin Filters

Query strings in the EWS Managed API and EWS are interpreted as a subset of AQS syntax. AQS strings are composed of either values or keyword/value pairs, separated by a colon (:).


When a value is specified without a keyword, all indexed properties are searched for the value. If a keyword is paired with a value, the keyword specifies a property to search for the corresponding value. See: