Stage Options

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Option Name Description
Stage Type - Update Will perform an update-only operation on matched records for each Origin row. Unmatched records will be skipped.
Stage Type – Insert Will perform an insert-only operation for each Origin row. Use this operation when performing a “dump” of the data.
Stage Type – Delete Will perform a delete operation on the Destination database for each Origin row, based on the match.
Stage Type – Update/Insert Will first perform a lookup, based on matches. If a match is found, and update operation will be performed. If no match is found, an insert operation will be performed.
Skip Blank Writes If checked, the insert/operation will ignore NULL/blank fields while building the SQL statement – resulting in NULL values on the destination. Said another way, if a mapping on a particular field results in a blank or null value, it won’t bother to write that value to the destination at all. This way, if you had a value in the destination, it won’t be overwritten with a blank/null.
Only Update on Difference For update operations, this setting will first check the matched record for values that are different and will only actually update the record if a mismatch of data values occurs and it’s actually needed.