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SugarCRM SOAP Origin

Note that the tab in Starfish is labelled simply "SugarCRM".

Sample Origin Filters



In Sugar, Attachments are stored as Notes. To attach a file to a Note, simply run and Insert, Update or Update/Insert Stage against the Notes module. There will be a field call Attachment. Map it as a function and select the Format Conversion Tab in the Function Field window. Fill in your Conversion Source where the file can be found. EX: C:\Temp\SugarCRM\SugarCRM\cache\upload\@@ORG:id@@. Then select the File -to- Base64 Conversion Operation.

Field Types

Multi-select Dropdowns

Data in Multiselect Dropdowns is stored as a comma separated string with carats around each value: ^Atari^,^Automobiles^,^Baseball^,^Fine_Art^,^Running_Walking^

Sample Function:

Function ScriptedField
  dim cat 
  cat = "@@ORG:Categories@@"
  dim res
  If InStr(cat,"Board Invitee") Then
    res = res & "^Board_Invitee^,"
  End If
  If InStr(cat,"Priority Contact") Then
    res = res & "^Priority_Contact^,"
  End If
  If InStr(cat,"Dividend Contact") Then
    res = res & "^Dividend_Contact^,"
  End If
  If Right(res,1) = "," Then
    res = Left(res,Len(res)-1)
  End If
End Function


Smart Lookup

When filtering in a Smart Lookup, the make sure to put single quotes around the query value:

ScriptedVariable = SmartLookup("Accounts", "id", "accountid_c='@@ORG:ACCOUNTID@@'")


Use this function to get the records related to another record. For example, the Contacts related to a phone call. In the example below, I loop through the returned records, split them into an array, convert them to foreign IDs and finally put them into a comma separated string.

'Get related contacts from Sugar
strContactIDs = SugarGetRelationships("Calls", "@@ORG:id@@", "Contacts")
LogMessage "ContactIDs: " & strContactIDs
'Put list into Array
arrContactIDs = split(strContactIDs, ",")
numContactUpperBound = UBound(arrContactIDs)
'Convert SugarIDs to foreignIDs
For i = 0 To numContactUpperBound
	arrContactIDs(i) = XrefRead("contacts_sugar_to_other", arrContactIDs(i))
'Create a comma seperated string of Depos IDs
strContactIDs = Join(arrContactIDs, ",")

Sugar Specific


SmartLookups and Origin Filters against the User Module fail.

SQL Statements to Purge Data From Sugar

delete from accounts;
delete from accounts_audit;
delete from accounts_contacts;
delete from accounts_cstm;
delete from accounts_opportunities;

delete from activities;
delete from activities_users;

delete from bugs;
delete from bugs_cstm;

delete from calls;
delete from calls_contacts;
delete from calls_users;

delete from cases;
delete from cases_audit;

delete from contacts;
delete from contacts_audit;
delete from contacts_cstm;
delete from contacts_users;

delete from emails;
delete from emails_text;
delete from emails_beans;
delete from email_addr_bean_rel where bean_module <> 'Users';
delete from email_addresses where id in (select email_address_id from email_addr_bean_rel where bean_module <> 'Users');

delete from job_queue;

delete from meetings;
delete from meetings_contacts;
delete from meetings_leads;
delete from meetings_users;

delete from notes;

delete from opportunities;
delete from opportunities_contacts;
delete from opportunities_cstm;
delete from opportunities_audit;

delete from outbound_email;

delete from products;

delete from tasks;