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Twilio Authentication

The use of the Twilio connector requires a Twilio account. Instead of a username and password, you sign into the API with using your Account SID and a secret Auth Token that is assigned to you. This can be retrieved from the Account Settings section of their website.

Twilio Origin

Table SMS

Returns a list of sent and received SMS/MMS messages. Use a value of 'true' in the "Return Media?" box to fetch any related media items to each message. This includes things like photos and will return a block of json which you'll have to parse. This option does have an effect on speed.


Can only be filtered on "To", "From", and "SentDate", You can use the "and" operator. Ex:

To = '+16468324238' and DateSent >= '2016-01-01'


Returns a list of voice calls. Can be filtered by "To", "From", "Status", "EndTime", and StartTime

Twilio Destination


Sends an SMS or MMS message. To: (req) The phone number to deliver the message to. From: (req) The Twilio phone number you wish to send the message from. Body: (opt) The body of the message. Up to 1600 characters. MediaURLs: (opt) A comma-seperated list of URLs. These URL's should point to the media files (images) that you wish to "attach" to the message. Up to 10 URL's may be included. See REST API: Sending SMS or MMS for more info.


Initiate a Phone call. Further developement would be needed to respond to phone call events. See REST API: Making Calls for more info. To: (req) The phone number you wish to call. From: (req) The Twilio phone number you wish to send the message from.